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Title: Conversations Going Nowhere
Characters/Pairing: Grace and Des
Word Count: 380
Rating: PG
Summary: Grace and Des are stuck in the elevator. Grace isn't exactly surprised by this.
Notes: Written for the alphabet drabble meme, for the prompt "ulcer".
Disclaimer: Grace is mine, Des belongs to [ profile] kawaiispinel, and [ profile] beyondtherift is a place where getting stuck in an elevator would be the least of your problems.

How many roads must a man walk down? (The doors wanted to know.) )
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Title: Methodology
Characters/Pairing: Casey, Gray, Lt. James and some more NPCs
Word Count: 1469
Rating: PG
Summary: There are things you're just supposed to ignore, to let go. Casey was never much good at that.
Notes: Written for the alphabet drabble meme for the prompt "methodist". It turned into an unexpectedly long backstory fic, because the "drabble" in "alphabet drabble meme" is a lie.
Disclaimer: Casey actually does belong to me. Gray Raines and Lt. James belong to [ profile] kawaiispinel, and [ profile] beyondtherift eats brains.

I want to stay at home for the end of the world... )
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Title: Another 40,000 Coming Every Day
Characters/Pairing: Julia Angelos, a couple random NPCs, mention of Romana Angelos and Claudia Barnam
Word Count: 1002
Rating: PG-13
Summary: News travels quickly among angels. Somehow, Julia's still always the last one to get it.
Notes: Written for [ profile] itsproductivity. I'm considering bringing Julia into the Rift, and decided to play with her a little. So far, I kind of love her.
Disclaimer: All characters actually are mine. The Rift belongs to itself.

Seasons don't fear the reaper... )
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Title: Disaster Magnet (Noun)
Characters/Pairing: Sam, mention of what I assume is the rest of Torchwood, Godzilla...
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Summary: There's no reason Sam should be blamed for this. Really.
Notes: Written for a first lines meme from ages ago that I happened to have... still lying around. This particular first line comes from [ profile] newredshoes. Also for [ profile] meritinabox #6 - disaster. ...I'm so sorry, Sam. ...No, I'm really not.
Disclaimer: Life on Mars belongs to the BBC. The Rift belongs to its damn self.

Disaster magnet (n): Sam Tyler. )
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Title: The In Between
Characters/Pairing: The Doctor/Martha/Des
Word Count: 1775
Rating: PG
Summary: Little miscalculations kind of make a difference.
Notes: I finally finished this. I want to kill it with fire, but I finished it. Sequel to Those Who Have Crossed, and now I can have wacky TARDIS adventures with the OT3 whenever I want.
Disclaimer: Martha and the Doctor belong to the BBC, Des belongs to [ profile] kawaiispinel, and [ profile] beyondtherift apparently belongs to no one but itself and will eat your brain.

Well, I've roamed about this earth with just a suitcase in my hand... )
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Title: When Your Heart Was Open Wide
Characters/Pairing: Nate, Mat and their mother
Word Count: 336
Rating: G
Summary: Nate's sixteenth birthday sucks... but it could be worse, all things considered.
Notes: Sort of written for [ profile] itsproductivity, mostly just because I could. I don't know why.
Disclaimer: Nate is mine, Mat is [ profile] starletfallen's, Mama Wallace may or may not be in [ profile] kawaiispinel's head, and the Rift owns your soul. We clear?

In the shadow of God's unwavering love, I am a fortunate son... )
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Title: In This Frozen Wasteland
Characters/Pairing: Grace and Des
Word Count: 453
Rating: PG
Summary: Grace mistrusts winter, because they don't believe in such things where she comes from.
Notes: Written for a spare prompt... thing. It was technically requested for the alphabet meme, but I already did something for this letter, so... whatever. [ profile] kawaiispinel gets a surprise Grace-Des fic! (Except how I told you I was writing it in chat, so not so much a surprise.)
Disclaimer: Grace is actually mine. (Shocking, I know.) Des is [ profile] kawaiispinel's. The Rift is a thing of doom, obviously because we picked the wrong one. Somewhere there's a Rift where everybody lives.

And the sky is a hazy shade of winter... )
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Title: Melt
Characters/Pairing: The Doctor and April
Word Count: 177
Rating: G
Summary: The Doctor and April used to go out for ice cream.
Notes: I was trying to write while stuck in Orlando, and Evie gave me a prompt. Which was "bubblegum", with the Doctor and anyone else. The theory was that it would be fluffy. ...The theory was wrong.
Disclaimer: The Doctor belongs to the BBC, April belongs to [ profile] starletfallen and the Rift belongs to its own damn self.

As he asked if I would come along... )
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Title: Salvation and Damnation (are the same thing)
Characters/Pairing: Doctor/Martha/Des
Word Count: 347
Rating: G
Summary: The Doctor and Des discuss the devil... or devils... and Martha is just amused.
Notes: Sometimes I go back to old prompts. This one is from the alphabet meme, for the prompt "damnation". And the OT3. For [ profile] kawaiispinel.
Disclaimer: Martha and the Doctor belong to the BBC. Des belongs to [ profile] kawaiispinel. The Rift... you know the rest.

'Which devil are you?' )
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Title: Asleep Inside the Cannon's Mouth
Characters/Pairing: The Doctor, April and Tosh
Word Count: 500
Rating: PG-13
Summary: You'll walk unscathed through musket fire...
Notes: Because this song wasn't full of break anyway. Written for [ profile] justprompts, originally posted at the Doctor's journal ([ profile] thatsortofaman).
Disclaimer: The Doctor and Toshiko Sato belongs to the BBC. I am not affiliated with the BBC, and am not making any money from this. April belongs to [ profile] starletfallen. The Rift eats souls, which everyone really should know by now.

The field is cut and bleeds to red... )
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Title: Object Permanence
Characters/Pairing: Sam/Jack, mention of Maya and Torchwood
Word Count: 186
Rating: PG
Summary: Sam is not good with constants.
Notes: Written for [ profile] kawaiispinel for the alphabet meme, the request being "permanent" and Sam and Jack.
Disclaimer: Sam and Jack belong to the BBC. The Rift eats souls and destroys happiness. Trufax.

At the broken heart of the city... )
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Title: The Instruments of Mercy (are foreign to their hands)
Characters/Pairing: The Doctor, Calisto, Martha, Des and Jack
Word Count: 420
Rating: PG-13
Summary: There are plenty of things the Doctor should and shouldn't have done, leading up to this...
Notes: Written for [ profile] justprompts and [ profile] meritinabox #16, madness. This thread is full of a lot more break than I remembered, before I went back to read it.
Disclaimer: The Doctor and Martha belong to the BBC. Calisto belongs to [ profile] _chibidragon_, and Des belongs to [ profile] kawaiispinel. The Rift... oh, whatever.

My cause is noble, my power is pure... )
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Title: Places to Hide
Characters/Pairing: Gwen and Marshall, mention of Ianto
Word Count: 190
Rating: G
Summary: I'm this awkward and uncomfortable thing/and I'm running out of places to hide... In which Gwen finds out what happened to Ianto.
Notes: I don't know, it had to be written. It just... did. I have absolutely no Marshall voice, just so you know, and I didn't even intend it to be Marshall there in the first place... he just kinda shoved his way in in place of Tosh and Sam.
Disclaimer: Gwen belongs to the BBC. Marshall belongs to JJ Abrams. The Rift is an evil soul-devouring thing that crushes joy and laughs about it. ...Okay, that was an exaggeration.

I'm developing my sense of humor 'til I can laugh at my heart between your teeth... )
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Title: Parallels
Characters/Pairing: The Doctor/Des, mention of Martha
Word Count: 214
Rating: G
Summary: Des and the Doctor are very much the same in many ways.
Notes: I don't know. I had the need to write something happy. Ish. And I missed the boys just being... them around each other. So.
Disclaimer: The Doctor belongs to the BBC. Des belongs to [ profile] kawaiispinel. Something about the Rift eating your soul.

You and I were two old and tortured souls... )
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Title: On the Passage of Time
Characters/Pairing: Donna, the Doctor, mention of Charlie
Word Count: 363
Rating: G
Summary: Plane trips with the Doctor are not the most pleasant thing in the world.
Notes: I meant for this to be longer and actually include some of the vacation, but... hey, whatever. Charlie's postcards do a good enough job explaining that. Written for [ profile] itsproductivity, and [ profile] meritinabox prompt #33, "erroneous judgment".
Disclaimer: The Doctor and Donna belong to the BBC. Charlie belongs to [ profile] trollopfop. The Rift is really just an excuse to torture everyone who comes in contact with it.

Hail to those who have come from the sunlight that surrounds you... )
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Title: When the Stranger Comes Along
Characters/Pairing: The Doctor/Martha/Des, Donna, mention of Charlie, Rose, Cassandra and John Smith
Word Count: 1204
Rating: PG
Summary: He is the darkness that swallows stars, he's the Oncoming Storm, the Destroyer of Worlds, he is ancient and forever and he is DEATH...
Notes: Written for [ profile] itsproductivity and [ profile] meritinabox #11. There was supposed to be another section before the last one, but... the Doctor refused to cooperate with me. I want to kill him, a little.
Disclaimer: The Doctor belongs to the BBC, as do Martha and Donna. Des belongs to [ profile] kawaiispinel. The Rift will eat your soul. When it's done with your brain.

We all have a face that we hide away forever... )
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Title: Boys and Their Toys
Characters/Pairing: Des, the Corvette, and the Doctor
Word Count: 331
Rating: G
Summary: It doesn't seem likely the Rift just deposited Des' Corvette in his driveway.
Notes: Written for [ profile] itsproductivity. There is no reason for this fic. Really, none.
Disclaimer: Des belongs to [ profile] kawaiispinel. The Corvette belongs to Des. The Doctor belongs to the BBC, and the Rift is probably hazardous to your health.

'It's like I've got a sports car and you've got a space hopper.' )
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Title: Thirteen Years On
Characters/Pairing: Grace, Romana and Robin, mention of Megan
Word Count: 1117
Rating: G
Summary: Thirteen years after she became an angel, Grace finally learns what that means. Mostly, it seems to be about choice and the lack thereof.
Notes: Written for [ profile] meritinabox prompt #2, deliverance. I actually meant to write this story... before I brought Grace in. And then... didn't. It probably would have been more interesting then, but whatever.
Disclaimer: Grace and Romana are both mine, actually. Robin belongs to [ profile] _chibidragon_. The Rift is probably bad for your long term health.

Gravity works slowly if you notice it at all... )
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Title: Full of Balloons
Characters/Pairing: The Doctor/Des/Martha
Word Count: 422
Rating: PG
Summary: Not all interventions involve psychic brick walls.
Notes: Written for [ profile] kawaiispinel for the alphabet meme. The prompt was the OT3 and "yellow". What do you people want from me? There's just this one line in "The Christmas Invasion" that always makes me giggle. Also for [ profile] meritinabox prompt #10, "abduction". My interpretation of these prompts is... loose.
Disclaimer: The Doctor, Martha and the TARDIS belong to the BBC. Des belongs to [ profile] kawaiispinel. The Rift will eat your soul.

TARDIS this, TARDIS that... )


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