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A Question of Significance
962 words | Two kisses over the space of five years.

Coming in Third
101 words | Dan's fine with being the best friend and on-air partner... most of the time.

Frustration, Annoyance, and Exceptions
787 words | The things Dan and Casey do to drive each other crazy, and the one person who can drive them even crazier.

Strong Chemistry
AU | 1689 words | Four addictions Dan Rydell never had, and one he does.

A Leap Begins
200 words | Dan's made a decision. Casey thinks it's a bad one.

An Unorthodox Proposal
542 words | There's only so much to do in Vegas.

Keep On
162 words | Dan doesn't like needing a reason to talk to Natalie.

100 words | Everyone has their pre-show rituals.

Something Unstoppable
454 words | Dan never could manage "casual relationships" - they're something that happen to other people.

So This is Love
127 words | Dan keeps trying to explain it...

Special Powers
100 words | Dan's familiar with the white dress shirts.

Things Unseen
330 words | There were some things Natalie forgot about Dan, and some things she's just realizing.

100 words | Natalie can't make herself tell Dana...

Sugar and Spice and Some Other Stuff
500 words | That's what girls are made of.

406 words | Natalie has a question for Jeremy, Jeremy doesn’t think it’s even a question, and rock, paper scissors is not a sport.

100 words | Natalie's not going to fall apart.

Miscellaneous Pairings
Bending the Rules
Dana/Casey | 1175 words | Dana and Casey decide to go to a show together (but it's not a date).

Secretly in Love
Casey/Natalie | 418 words | Dana may not be the one with a secret.

The Fine Politics of Truth or Dare
Kim/Elliot | 216 words | Elliot should have learned long ago never to play truth or dare with Kim.

Amber Waves of Grain
Casey, Jeremy, Dan | 473 words | On second thought, cross-country roadtrips aren't the best idea in the world.

Ignition Keys
Dan, Casey | 510 words | Dan is full of Christmas cheer, and determined to share it with Casey.

New Traditions and Christmas Cheer
Dan, Casey, Jeremy | 100 words | This is what men do.

The Thrill of... Not Totally Failing
Casey, Jeremy, Dana, Natalie, Dan | 532 | Casey realizes that it's not possible to win Trivial Pursuit by only answering sports questions.

A Model of Decorum and Tranquility
CJ, Leo, Donna, Josh, Sam | 545 words | C.J. likes to think of herself as the sane and rational one.

Matt/Danny Friendship
Fjords, Norway, and the English Language
115 words | Matt would rather talk about funny foreign words than work.

Take Notice
152 words | Matt always did manage to make Danny laugh.

Would've, Could've, Should've
550 words | Matt's across the country for a few days, and there's only one way Danny knows how to cope with a rough weekend.

Big Three
Down to Two
AU | 150 words | They'd known she had to leave, but they hadn't expected it would be so hard.

Where the Power Lies
400 words | Somehow, Harriet always wins.

A Perfect World
125 words | Suzanne knows it's not love.

Step by Step
256 words | Danny and Suzanne share a dance at Matt and Harriet's wedding.

Miscellaneous Pairings
Before the World Falls Apart
Matt/Harriet | 1196 words | Harriet writes an email, and Matt finds out he didn't want to win so much after all.

Jack/Jordan | 125 words | Chocolate may or may not be food - the jury's still out.

Making Friends
Harriet/Jordan | 100 words | It's like finding a puppy on your doorstep.

Power Structure
Matt/Suzanne | 174 words | They both know who holds the real power.

Step Back
Lucy/Suzanne | 170 words | Lucy and Suzanne bump into each other in the hallway, and take several steps forward and back.

A Place Like Home
Matt, Danny | 1158 words | Matt and Danny come back to the studio after their summer hiatus, and this is totally their year. No, really.

Coffee, Red Shirts and Picket Lines
Danny/Jordan, Matt, Suzanne | 774 words | In which Suzanne is loved by all, Danny is sardonic (but not a writer), and Matt is stubborn (and therefore wears pink).

Damage Control
Suzanne, Dylan, Alex | 426 words | "Where's Matt?" "Helping the cast write their lines on the palms of their hands."

Navigation Off the Sunset Strip
Matt/Harriet | 257 words | "I know how to find my way in LA." "Apparently not."

The Christmas Emergency
Danny, Harriet | 331 words | Danny is available for Matt's every emergency... no matter how trivial.


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