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When Your Heart Was Open Wide
Nate, Mat, Mama Wallace | 336 words | Nate's sixteenth birthday sucks... but it could be worse, all things considered.

The Art of Being Left Behind
Nate, Mat, Mama Wallace | 381 words | Nate learned about losing people early. It's not a lesson you forget.

At the Ragged Edge of the Silence
Gwen, Ianto, Tosh, Owen | 1316 words | Gwen the new recruit, still learning the ins and outs, watching as everyone she worked with vanished one by one.

Season One
I'm Nowhere and You're Everything
Martha/Des/Doctor | 717 words | "And what's so special about blondes anyway?"

The Instruments of Mercy (are foreign to their hands)
The Doctor, Calisto | 420 words | There are plenty of things the Doctor should and shouldn't have done, leading up to this...

Season Two
Less than Forget
Martha/Des/Doctor | 747 words | In between where it all goes to hell and where the three of them fall apart...

Just a Little Less Alone
Becky/Annie | 566 words | Angels and demons don't mix, except when they do.

The One Situation
Gwen/Mathias, Gwen/Rhys, AU | 639 words | He's not Rhys, she's not Pagiel, and things do not go at all the way Gwen imagined.

Things That Scare Me
Grace, Des, Hart AU | 1452 words | Everyone else is concerned that both they and Des get out of this alive. Grace is only concerned with the second half of that equation.

Thirteen Years On
Grace, Romana, Robin | 1117 words | Thirteen years after she became an angel, Grace finally learns what that means. Mostly, it seems to be about choice and the lack thereof.

Muses and the Downside to Inspiration
Becky/Annie | 203 words | Annie's getting really sick of muses.

Logan/Angua AU | 632 words | Logan would recognize Angua anywhere - even in the Rift.

Full of Balloons
Doctor/Des/Martha | 422 words | Not all interventions involve psychic brick walls.

Season Three
Damnation and Salvation (are the same thing)
Doctor/Martha/Des | 347 words | The Doctor and Des discuss the devil... or devils... and Martha is just amused.

Boys and Their Toys
Des, the Corvette, the Doctor, AU | 331 words | It doesn't seem likely the Rift just deposited Des' Corvette in his driveway.

On the Passage of Time
Donna, the Doctor | 363 words | Plane trips with the Doctor are not the most pleasant thing in the world.

When the Stranger Comes Along
The Doctor | 1204 words | He is the darkness that swallows stars, he's the Oncoming Storm, the Destroyer of Worlds, he is ancient and forever and he is DEATH...

Doctor/Des | 214 words | Des and the Doctor are very much the same in many ways.

Casey, Gray | 1469 words | There are things you're just supposed to ignore, to let go. Casey was never much good at that.

Another 40,000 Coming Every Day
Julia | 1002 words | News travels quickly among angels. Somehow, Julia's still always the last one to get it.

Season Four
Places to Hide
Gwen, Marshall | 190 words | I'm this awkward and uncomfortable thing/and I'm running out of places to hide... In which Gwen finds out what happened to Ianto.

Asleep Inside the Cannon's Mouth
Doctor, April, Tosh | 500 words | You'll walk unscathed through musket fire...

Season Five
In This Frozen Wasteland
Grace, Des | 453 words | Grace mistrusts winter, because they don't believe in such things where she comes from.

Conversations Going Nowhere
Grace, Des | 380 words | Grace and Des are stuck in the elevator. Grace isn't exactly surprised by this.

The Doctor, April | 177 words | The Doctor and April used to go out for ice cream.

Season Six
Object Permanence
Sam/Jack AU | 186 words | Sam is not good with constants.

Disaster Magnet (Noun)
Sam, theoretically AU | 100 words | There's no reason Sam should be blamed for this. Really.

Falls the Shadow
Doctor/Martha/Des AU | The Doctor finds a way to send everyone home - and then kidnaps Des for adventures through time and space.
Those Who Have Crossed
3632 words | In which people are kidnapped for their own good, time passes unexpectedly, and things apparently just can't stay where you left them.

The In Between
1775 words | Little miscalculations kind of make a difference.

Girl's Night
Buffy, Willow, Faith, Juliet | 200 words | Sleepover in the Inn. All kinds of fun.

Joan, Cecily | 127 words | That's what God is.

Joan, Cecily | 107 words | She never actually lied.

The Way Things Should Be
Jack/Ninth Doctor | 557 words | Jack ought to be used to the unexpected in the Inn, but somehow he didn't foresee this.

Surprise, Holidays, and So-Called Tradition
Jack/Rose | 537 words | Aliens don't take Christmas off. Except when they do, apparently.

Blame It On the Mistletoe
Peter/Jason, Ivy | 206 words | A lifetime of Catholic school will drive you crazy. Really.

Keeping Up Appearances
Ninth Doctor, Kaylee, Rose | 1382 words | Kaylee is taken to the TARDIS. The Doctor leaves her alone for ten minutes. Trouble ensues.

Two-Man Army
Logan/Angua | 604 words | This isn't the same as their old battles, but Angua's still going to be there.

Tradition and Madness
Tenth Doctor, Master | 567 words | Tradition is easy to come by in the Inn. Sanity, not so much.

Corner of No and Where
All That's Best of Dark and Bright
Kara/Tyrone | 1891 words | And all that's best of dark and bright meet in her aspect and her eyes.

Desperate Music
Small Comfort
Roger, Diana | 100 words | Roger couldn't protect her and he can't fix her.

Hearts and Minds
We've Seen It All Before
Florence/Angel | 150 words | This is an all too familiar scene...


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